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DRC Techno has emerged as a pioneer in the diamond industry for its hi-end engineering products. The Company has always received applause from the industry for its innovation in the development of abreast diamond processing equipments. Keeping pace with time and technology, our research and development team strives to offer our customers with hi-tech machinery and latest equipment that assist them to enhance their production capability and reduce their input cost.

We’re very excited to announce that the hard work over the past 9 months is finally coming close to paying off. We’re getting ready to release our newest products in the coming months.


Rough diamond Color grading instrument


Polished Diamond Color grading instrument


Auto Diamond cut and Polishing Mill, Automatic complete cut of round brilliant cut


Polished diamond symmetry measurement instrument


DNAiser gives a distinctive "fingerprint", based on its optical characteristics; it ensures that no one can switch your Diamond


Rough Planning and marking machine

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