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DRC Techno has emerged as a pioneer in the diamond industry for its hi-end engineering products. The Company has always received applause from the industry for its innovation in the development of abreast diamond processing equipment. Keeping pace with time and technology, our research and development team strives to offer our customers with hi-tech machinery and latest equipment that assist them to enhance their production capability and reduce their input cost.

DRC Techno strives to provide its customers products and services to fulfill their production needs in most efficient manner. DRC Techno is a conglomerate and an exact combination of experienced people from various cadres who have an attitude to give their best and take up Herculean challenges when it comes to customer satisfaction. We believe and practice in delivering timely, cost effective solutions with impeccable quality and consistency.

DRC Techno offers wide range of products with customized software development and deep spectrum of technology that considerably improves clients performance.

Looking for cost effective, quality oriented, solutions for your business to be delivered at your screen? DRC Techno is the right choice and it is waiting for an opportunity to serve you, to take your problems as challenges. You will never regret taking this decision of joining hands with DRC Techno

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DRC Techno, the mechanist of D-Secure - the most efficient synthetic identification instrument, has widely stopped the practice of mixing lab grown diamonds with natural after it was launched last year. However, some people find their own way of keeping the unethical practice going on by using those lab grown diamonds in jewellery. And again there is no instrument to effectively identify lab grown diamonds in studded jewellery, especially for small melee. But not anymore.

Considering this very scenario, once again DRC Techno took this challenge prior to anything else and took invention to step ahead to bring forth J-Secure Plus, a perfect solution to the existing pain of adulteration of synthetic diamonds in a jewel. It will bring out any truth hidden behind the tiny prongs of your jewel that promised natural diamonds. In turn, it will play a catalyst in maintain the consumer confidence and in addressing various issues of adultery and frauds.

The J-Secure Plus detects lab grown diamonds from 0.003 carats in studded jewellery and alike the D-Secure needs no further test. The J-Secure Plus is compatible with any type of jewellery be it rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, etc. for more information visit http://www.dsecure.com

DRC Techno starts booking of J-Secure Plus from 1st of October 2016 and additionally, it also announces new instrument called D-View to check phosphorescence to detect possible HPHT lab grown synthetic diamonds. The estimated price of D-View will be USD 5000.

DRC Techno is further introducing "Chain of Custody" program via web portal reportcheck.dsecure.com for the user of D-Secure and to be users of J-Secure Plus. The report check will also make available through mobile application.

DRC Techno, an organization formed in 2006, works on bringing in technological improvements & innovations to the field of diamonds & jewellery manufacturing. It has launched many solutions, which got astounding success and response from the industry so far.

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